City of Mechanicsville


May 14, 2012


The Mechanicsville City Council met in regular session on Monday, May 12, 2012 at City Hall.  Mayor Boyd A. Stine called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.   Council members present for roll call were Rob Davis, Pam Cavey, Calvin Paup, and Pam Logue.  Deanna Cook was absent. Others present included Alan Zerbe, Jim Barber, Lonni Koch, Matt Shields, Doug Wolf, Doyle Pickering, and Randy Krutzfield.


Receive visitors/public comment: Doyle Pickering informed the council that a dead possum was found in neighbor’s yard and requested to be put on the agenda for next month.  Randy Krutzfield addressed the council on the storm sewer project, plan of action for the lagoon, and baseball field project.  Details are included under the specific topics later in the minutes.


CONSENT AGENDA:  Rob Davis motioned, Calvin Paup seconded to approve the consent agenda including the agenda, minutes from 4/9/12, finance reports, claims,  ratify the signing of the application for the Minnesota Twins grant application for $10,000 to match donations received; acceptance of Alliant Energy Foundation grant for reading garden $1000; accepting the Iowa Living Roadways project 16-01-11 grant for $785 for grasses and forbs, and seeder rental with Trees Forever; and approve the renewal of Casey’s Cigarette Permit.  Roll call vote: Ayes: Cavey, Paup, Davis, and Logue. Nays: None. Absent:  Cook.  Motion carried.

The claims approved were as follows:

AGVANTAGE FS INC                               VEHICLE OPERATIONS                                 $884.22

ALLIANT ENERGY                                  ELECTRIC/GAS EXPENSE                            $4,843.10

AMAZON.COM                                     LIBRARY MATERIALS                                   $406.91

BAKER, TERA                                      MILEAGE                                                  $198.90

BOUND TREE MEDICAL                           OPERATING SUPPLIES                                  $128.10

BRIDGE COMMUNITY BANK                      PRINCIPAL PAYMENTS                             $14,580.00

CAR QUEST AUTO PARTS                        VEHICLE REPAIR                                          $67.38

CASEYS GENERAL STORE                        VEHICLE OPERATIONS                                 $850.20

CEDAR COUNTY EMS ASSOCIATION           ASSOCIATION DUES                                    $200.00

CEDAR COUNTY SOLID WASTE                 PAYMENTS TO OTHER AGENCIES                  $1,807.00

CEDAR RAPIDS PHOTO COPY INC              OFFICE EQUIPMENT REPAIR                           $35.81

CHASE CARD SERVICES                          POSTAGE/SHIPPING                                    $325.14

COPPESS, LINDA                                  MILEAGE                                                  $264.00

DANS TIRES & MORE                             VEHICLE REPAIR                                          $49.14

DAVIS, ROBERT                                   MEETINGS & CONFERENCES                          $115.00

DICKERSON, COLLEEN                           TRAINING                                                  $50.00

DOUGLAS W SIMKIN LAW FIRM                 LEGAL EXPENSE                                         $517.50

ECIA                                                 TRAINING                                                  $10.00

ED M FELD EQUIP CO INC                        ALLOWANCES - UNIFORMS                         $5,326.04

ENTWISLE, ANGIE                                 JANITORIAL EXPENSE                                  $300.00

F & B COMMUNICATIONS                        OFFICE EQUIPMENT                                    $850.00

FARM & HOME PUBLISHERS                     LIBRARY MATERIALS                                     $40.30

HART-FREDERICK CONSULTANTS PC          OTHER PROF SERV EXP                              $2,544.90

HEINAN, ALAN                                     MINOR EQUIPMENT                                     $398.98

IOWA FINANCE AUTHORITY                    PRINCIPAL PAYMENTS                             $21,286.50

IOWA ONE CALL                                   OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                  $22.50

IOWA PRISON INDUSTRIES                     POSTS/SIGNS                                            $171.49

IWIRELESS                                         TELECOMMUNICATIONS                                 $57.86

JIMS AUTO BODY                                  VEHICLE REPAIR                                        $724.99

JOHNSON COUNTY REFUSE INC                OTHER PROF SERV EXP                              $2,952.50

KEYSTONE LABORATORIES, INC                OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                $275.40

KIRKWOOD COMMUNITY COLLEGE             TRAINING                                                $554.96

KOCHS SERVICE & SUPPLY LLC                  BLDG MAINT & REPAIR                                 $306.51

KUNDE OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT                  GROUNDS MAINTENANCE & REPAIR                  $53.10

MCCORMICK, ASHLEY                            MILEAGE                                                  $198.90

MECHANICSVILLE TELEPHONE CO              TELEGPHONE SERVICES EXP                          $322.55

MED MEDIA                                         OTHER CONTRACTUAL SERVICE                     $650.00

MORAVEK, MATT                                  MILEAGE                                                  $116.10

QUILL                                               OFFICE SUPPLIES                                       $308.33

RADISSON                                          TRAINING                                                $200.53

SADLER POWER TRAIN                           VEHICLE REPAIR                                        $376.05

SHEPLEY PHARMACY                              OPERATING SUPPLIES                                   $27.03

TIPTON CONSERVATIVE & ADVERTIS          PRINTING & PUBLISHING EXP                         $181.70

UNITED LABORATORIES                         CHEMICALS                                              $251.33

US CELLULAR                                      TELECOMMUNICATIONS                                 $58.08

UTILITY EQUIPMENT COMPANY                 MINOR EQUIPMENT                                     $200.00

WELLMARK BC BS                                 GROUP INSURANCE                                  $3,829.37

WEST BRANCH PUBLIC LIBRARY                OFFICE EQUIPMENT                                     $85.44

ZOLL MEDICAL CORPORATION                 MINOR EQUIPMENT                                     $168.49

AREA AMBULANCE SERVICE                     OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                  $75.80

SHEPLEY PHARMACY                              OPERATING SUPPLIES                                   $58.88

TENNEY, CHAD                                            REFUND DEPOSIT                                            $50.00

KEPLER, JAMES                                           REFUND DEPOSIT                                            $50.00

GOLDSMITH, ROGER                                   REFUND DEPOSIT                                            $50.00

ZERBE, ALAN                                              REFUND DE[PSOT                                            $50.00

BRIDGE COMMUNITY BANK                   TRAINING                                                     $90.00

PAYROLL                                                       WAGES                                                                 $13,141.03


Total Receipts and Disbursements for month of April by fund







Road Use Tax



Employee Benefit



Local Option Sales Tax



Library Expendable Trust



Ball Park Fund



Ambulance Trust



Fire Trust



Water Utility



Sewer Utility



Solid Waste



Water Deposits





Public Hearing on IP&L Gas and Electric Franchise agreements and adopting the ordinances as published:  Mayor Stine opened the public hearing after a determination was made that due notice was given that a Public Hearing will be held in the City of Mechanicsville, Iowa on the 14th day of May, 2012 for the purpose of submitting to the City Council of said City, to be voted upon by them, the question of whether the public measure of granting a franchise to Interstate Power and Light Company for gas and electric services should be adopted.  There being no comments received either oral or written, the motion was made by Calvin Paup and seconded by Pam Cavey to close the public hearing.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.



Administration Report:  Coppess reported that the Trees Forever group had completed planting the trees in the Cemetery and their work is much appreciated.


Public Works Report: Zerbe reported cleaning the cemetery, spring clean up had 4 loads, dump truck brakes were repaired with new shoes and seals; salt shed is up, but still needs electricity, spraying weeds, stop and yields signs received from the grant have been installed; some street markers and poles have been replaced; tapes of televising received and are available for viewing.  Council requested that dirt be added to the area between the curb and the sidewalk on Walnut Street and the area seeded.


Police Report:  Police Chief Barber was called out on a call, but provided a written recap of the calls for the month which included 2 accidents; 10 agency assist, 1 alarm; 2 animal cases, 1 arrest, 1 building check; 1 found unsecured; 6 citizen assist, 1 criminal mischief; 9 – 911, 6 traffic stops, 3 citations, 3 warnings, 1 trespass; 1 welfare check; 2 abatements filed; 2 warnings for code violations for no peddlers license and noise disturbance; 11 citations issued for stop sign violation, speeding, drive while suspended, trespassing, and criminal mischief.


Fire Report:  Lonni Koch reported 8 fire calls 4/14 storm watch; 4/21 MA Lisbon trailer fire; 4/27 grass fire on X-40, 5/3 storm watch; 5/4 possible illegal burn; 5/5 illegal burn; 5/7 motor vehicle accident on Grant; 5/8 barn fire at 429 Badger Rd.  164 and 165 pumps were certified on 5/14.  Doug Wolfe reported contacting 3 companies with what was needed for the fire truck and anticipates having 3 quotes.  Reported that no demo’s are available with any of the dealers.


A request to purchase 10 pair of Pro Tek gloves at $65 each and a drip torch at a cost of $150-200 was approved with a motion by Calvin Paup and second by Pam Logue.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.


More information is needed on the request to update the LED lights on 162. The 55 inch bar is priced at $1880 and the 20 inch bar for the back is $700.  No information on the installation costs.


Request for port-a-pots for the Fourth of July was approved with a motion by Pam Cavey, seconded by Calvin Paup.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.  The cost was estimated to be $50-$75 each.


It was noted that Nate Baker, Matt Shields, and Dan Baker all completed their FF2 Certification and Chad Bonser completed FF1 certification.  Congratulations to all.

Ambulance Report: Lonni Koch reported 13 ambulance calls with 2 of them  being mutual aid for A-4.


Request for Kerri Moore to be an ambulance driver was approved with a motion by Calvin Paup, second by Rob Davis subject to the drivers training course being completed and the update of the CPR card.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.


Congratulations also go out to Tera Baker, Ashley McCormick, and Doug Wolf for completing the class to transition to Advanced EMT level.  They have a practical to complete and a written exam to take to be certified.

Old Business:


New business

Storm Water Utility Ordinance and project updates if any:  Council reviewed sample ordinances.  Rob Davis motioned, Pam Cavey seconded to direct clerk to prepare ordinance using the language from Stanwood and publish a notice for a public hearing to be held on it at the next meeting.  Ayes:  Cavey; Davis; Logue; Nays:  Paup.  Absent: Cook.  Motion carried.


Randy Krutzfield indicated that the televising was completed and provided council with a summary of their findings.  Generally it looked good with some cracks in the clay pipe.  There is a section between John and Cherry Street which the pipe has failed and a sag in the line at Cherry and Cedar.  A lot of four inch T’s on the North side of Cedar Street were found.  They recommend rechecking it in 5-10 years.  For the section that is bad, recommends abandoning and tying into the new section there.  The old intakes are not adequate to capture the flow and there is a section on Cherry Street that could not get the camera up and so need to do some follow up.  Also found some additional intakes that were not on the original maps.  Anticipate the new line to run parallel to the old one just south of the street within the ROW.  New easements will need to be prepared and recorded as none from the original project have been able to be located in the recorders office, not sure if they were even done at that time.  Propose a 15 foot permanent easement with 8 feet between the pipes and a 20 foot temporary easement for construction purposes.  There will also need to be more intakes on the south side of the street and manholes than expected in preliminary estimates.  The next step is to prepare the easement documents and get them signed, prepare the plans and specs for bids, put it out for bid in June with hopes to start construction in July.  The payment application from Dave Schmidt for the televising has some minor corrections to make on the quantities before it can be submitted for payment.


Wastewater Plan of Action: Randy Krutzfield also informed the council that the Plan of Action that was submitted to the DNR Field Office was approved.  The next step is to contact the DNR Wastewater division to request initiating a construction permit and begin the SRF loan application process.  There was also a section of sanitary pipe televised between John and Cherry and it is showing signs of infiltration, may want to consider doing some pipe lining.


Pam Logue motioned Rob Davis seconded to approve Hart Frederick to proceed with contacting the DRN Wastewater Field Office to begin the construction permit process.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.


Open bids for Library Reading Garden materials:  A notice was published and two bids were received for the materials list provided.  Menard’s was $1391.16.  Koch’s Service and Supply proposal was $1638.94 less a 25% discount bringing it to a net cost of $1229.20.    Calvin Paup motioned, Pam Cavey seconded to accept the bid from Koch’s for the materials. Ayes all.  Motion carried.


Ordinance concerning the franchise agreement with IP&L for electric service:  Pam Cavey motioned, Pam Logue seconded to approve the first reading of the ordinance renewing the franchise agreement with a 0% franchise fee.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.  The ordinance will be on the agenda next month for the second reading.


Ordinance concerning the franchise agreement with IP&L for gas service:  Pam Logue motioned, Rob Davis seconded to approve the first reading of the ordinance renewing the franchise agreement with a 0% franchise fee.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.  The ordinance will be on the agenda next month for the second reading.


Decision to appeal/not appeal the publication of the flood hazard determination notice and to apply to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program:  Calvin Paup motioned, Rob Davis seconded to not appeal the flood hazard determination and to apply to participate in the NFIP.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.


Review of Skate Park Rules/regulations to be posted:  Upon review of the proposed rules, Pam Logue motioned, Pam Cavey seconded to approve signage stating “This skate park is unsupervised; therefore, the City of Mechanicsville will not be held responsible for accidents.   Know your ability and skate at your own risk.  Skate Park is closed from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.


Ball Park Engineering/Estimated Costs/Donations:  Coppess reported receiving cash donations in the amount of $2,560 from the newsletter story.  Hart Frederick has donated 8 hours of engineering services for the project which is valued at $1000 for in-kind labor.  Coppess requested council to approve an engineer to prepare the plans and specs and estimated costs for the project.  Rob Davis motioned Pam Logue seconded that Hart Frederick be approved to provide the engineering services needed for the ball park.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.  A thank you was extended to Randy and he indicated that the survey crews would probably be doing the work during the next 4-6 weeks.


Committee Reports: Rob Davis communicated a possible need for having the parking lines on E First Street repainted at a different angle in order to accommodate when two longer pickups are parked across the road from each other.  It tends to narrow the road down.  Not sure on how many parking spaces would be eliminated if this was done.


Correspondence:  None.


Set next regular meeting date: Monday, June 11, 2012


Mayor Comments: None.


ADJOURN:  There being no further business to come before the Council at this time, council member Rob Davis motioned, Calvin Paup seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 9:24 p.m. Ayes all.  Meeting adjourned.




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Linda K. Coppess, CMC                                    Boyd A. Stine, Mayor

City Clerk/Finance Officer