Minutes City of Mechanicsville


July 9, 2012


The Mechanicsville City Council met in regular session on Monday, July 9, 2012 at City Hall.  Mayor Boyd A. Stine called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.   Council members present for roll call were Pam Cavey, Calvin Paup, Pam Logue, and Deanna Cook. Rob Davis was absent.  Others present included Alan Zerbe, Jim Barber, Lonni Koch, Randy Krutzfield, Mike Schroeder Tschiggfrie Excavating; Terry Kluesner PircTobin Construction; Brent Beste, Iowa Rural Water Association; John Schafe Hagerty Earthworks; Brian Starr Ricklets Excavating.


Receive visitors/public comment: None.

CONSENT AGENDA:  Dee Cook motioned, Pam Cavey seconded to approve the consent agenda including the agenda, minutes from 6/11/12, finance reports, and claims.  Roll call vote: Ayes: Cook, Logue, Paup, Cavey, Nays: None. Absent: Davis.  Motion carried.


The claims approved were as follows:


BAKER, TERA                                      TRAINING                                                $150.00

AREA AMBULANCE SERVICE                     OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                  $75.80

SHEPLEY PHARMACY                              OPERATING SUPPLIES                                   $37.82

BOUND TREE MEDICAL                           OPERATING SUPPLIES                                  $229.51

SANDRY FIRE SUPPLY LLC                       ALLOWANCES - UNIFORMS                             $88.00

BRIDGE COMMUNITY BANK                      OPERATING SUPPLIES                                  $400.00

MEDIAQUEST                                      OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                $450.00

MATT PARROTT & SONS CO                     OFFICE SUPPLIES                                       $239.92

WOLF, DOUG                                      TRAINING                                                $100.00

CR CONVENYING, INC                            BLDG MAINT & REPAIR                                 $177.86

CARUS CORPORATION                           CHEMICALS                                              $280.05

DAVE SCHMITT CONSTRUCTION CO I         STREET MAINT EXP                                 $11,502.35

ACCO                                               CHEMICALS                                              $576.30

IOWA ONE CALL                                   OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                  $25.20

MATT PARROTT & SONS CO                     OFFICE SUPPLIES                                        $50.69

US POST OFFICE                                  POSTAGE/SHIPPING                                    $152.64

ACCO                                               MINOR EQUIPMENT                                     $102.95

AGVANTAGE FS INC                               VEHICLE OPERATIONS                               $1,122.38

AL DOHMEN                                        OPERATING SUPPLIES                                  $214.00

ALLIANT ENERGY                                  ELECTRIC/GAS EXPENSE                            $5,174.46

AMAZON.COM                                     LIBRARY MATERIALS                                   $324.26

AREA AMBULANCE SERVICE                     OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                  $75.80

BARCO MUNICIPAL PRODUCTS INC            OPERATING SUPPLIES                                  $310.36

CASEYS GENERAL STORE                        VEHICLE OPERATIONS                               $1,157.80

CEDAR COUNTY AUDITOR                       PAYMENTS TO OTHER AGENCIES                  $7,781.70

CEDAR COUNTY SOLID WASTE                 PAYMENTS TO OTHER AGENCIES                     $972.00

CHILDRENS PLUS INC                             LIBRARY MATERIALS                                 $1,898.12

CITY OF STANWOOD                             OPERATING SUPPLIES                                  $239.10

CLARENCE LOWDEN SUN-NEWS & ADV        PRINTING & PUBLISHING EXP                           $13.00

DEMCO                                              OPERATING SUPPLIES                                   $72.29

DONS TRUCK SALES INC                         VEHICLE REPAIR                                        $153.01

ECIA                                                 ASSOCIATION DUES                                    $618.84

ENTWISLE, ANGIE                                 JANITORIAL EXPENSE                                  $300.00

FIRE SERVICE TRAINING BUREAU              TRAINING                                                  $50.00

HART-FREDERICK CONSULTANTS PC          ENGINEERING FEES                                 $61,695.25

HARTMAN, JUDY                                  GROUNDS MAINTENANCE & REPAIR                  $28.49

INTL INST OF MUNICIPAL CLERKS              ASSOCIATION DUES                                    $135.00

IOWA DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RES        OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                $434.24

IOWA LEAGUE OF CITIES                        ASSOCIATION DUES                                    $645.00

IOWA RURAL WATER                             TRAINING                                                  $25.00

IWIRELESS                                         TELECOMMUNICATIONS                                 $57.86

JENSEN READY MIX                               GROUNDS MAINTENANCE & REPAIR                 $555.54

JOHN DEER FINANCIAL                          BLDG MAINT & REPAIR                                    $2.98

JOHNSON COUNTY AMBULANCE                OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                $200.00

JOHNSON COUNTY REFUSE INC                OTHER PROF SERV EXP                              $3,002.50

KEYSTONE LABORATORIES, INC                OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                $333.70

KIRKWOOD COMMUNITY COLLEGE             TRAINING                                                  $30.00

KOCHS SERVICE & SUPPLY LLC                  GROUNDS MAINTENANCE & REPAIR              $3,093.03

LIU & DB ENTERPRISES INC                     OTHER SUPPLIES                                        $240.00

LL PELLING CO                                     STREET MAINT EXP                                 $16,968.45

LYNCH FORD                                       VEHICLE REPAIR                                        $141.04

MECHANICSVILLE TELEPHONE CO              TELECOMMUNICATIONS                               $310.66

MIDWEST FIRE EQUIPMENT AND REP          VEHICLES                                             $10,000.00

MT VERNON LISBON SUN                         PRINTING & PUBLISHING EXP                           $29.00

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY             SUBSCRIPTION & ED MATERIAL                        $46.70

ODD JOBBER                                       OTHER CONTRACTUAL SERVICE                   $1,650.00

QUILL                                               OFFICE SUPPLIES                                       $177.73

SANDRY FIRE SUPPLY LLC                       OPERATIONAL EQUIP REPAIR                        $768.40

SELECT SERVICE                                  OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                $150.00

SHEPLEY PHARMACY                              OPERATING SUPPLIES                                   $81.68

TECHSOUP GLOBAL                               OTHER SUPPLIES                                         $24.00

TIPTON CONSERVATIVE & ADVERTIS          PRINTING & PUBLISHING EXP                         $479.80

WALMART                                          OPERATING SUPPLIES                                   $87.11

WELLMARK BC BS                                 GROUP INSURANCE                                  $4,007.88

WENDLING QUARRIES INC                      GROUNDS MAINTENANCE & REPAIR                 $174.48

WISCONSIN PHYSICIANS SERVICE             TRAINING                                                  $80.00

PAYROLL                                                          WAGES                                                               $16,983.25


Total Receipts and Disbursements for month of June by fund







Road Use Tax



Employee Benefit



Local Option Sales Tax



Library Expendable Trust



Ball Park Fund



Ambulance Trust



Fire Trust



Gift Tree Trust



Perpetual Care



Water Utility



Sewer Utility



Solid Waste



Water Deposits




Public Hearing on Plans and Specifications for Cedar Street Storm water relief project:  A notice was published indicating the time and place for a public hearing on the proposed plans and specifications for the Cedar Street Storm water relief project. Upon the Mayor opening the public hearing, the clerk announced that there were no oral or written comments received for or against the proposed project. Calvin Paup motioned, Pam Logue seconded to close the public hearing, Ayes all.  Hearing closed.


There were 9 companies represented by the sealed bids.  The bids for the project were then opened and read as follows:  Ricklefts Excavating, $479,828.00; PIRC Tobin Construction Inc $521,047.60; Maxwell Construction $532,701.00; Drew Cook & Sons Excavating $466,244.00; Tschiggfrie Excavating $478,881.25; Hagarty Earthworks LLC $492,090.61; HCI-Horsfield Companies $425,692.75; BWC Excavating $485,006.59; and Dave Schmitt Construction $470,442.30  The low bidder was Horsfield Companies at $425,692.75 of which the documentation submitted will be reviewed by engineering firm Hart Frederick for a recommendation to accept the lowest, responsible bidder.



Public Works Report: Zerbe introduced Brent Beste from Iowa Rural Water Association who provided a lot of information about the free services they provide and explained some of the additional investigating and testing that will be done to try to locate the cause for the slight increase of nitrates being detected in the water tests of well #2. The detection is very small at the present time and is not harmful at the present levels.  He suggested possibly using a camera on service lines; verify old wells are plugged, and a geothermal ordinance that does not allow penetration of the aquifer, and possibly a public education event.  Zerbe reported mowing the nuisance abatement property, seal coating streets, electricity was installed to the salt shed, and some maintenance on the chlorine pump.


Police Report:  Police Chief Barber reported the calls for the month which included 4 agency assists, 1 ambulance assist, 4 arrests, 1 assault, 9 citizen assist, 1 criminal mischief; 9 – 911, 4 thefts; 5 traffic stops, 5 warnings for code violations; 2 abatements filed, 8 warnings code violations for abandoned refrigerator, illegal parking, curfew violation, 1 citation issued for abandoned refrigerator.


Fire Report:  Lonni Koch reported 3 fire calls 6/13 medical assist; 6/20 mutual aid Mt. Vernon building fire; 6/29 storm watch.  The cost to replace the rear door to the fire station is $345.02 from Koch’s Service and Supply and Aug. 15 is the date scheduled to switch over to narrowband.  Lonni also relayed a message from Tim Malott, EMA director that cities will be expected to upgrade to digital radios in 5-7 years and that could cost $35,000-$40,000.  The digital upgrades are not currently available.


Ambulance Report: Lonni Koch reported 16 ambulance calls, the drug boxes for the AEMT’s will be $18 each and a request to purchase 4 replacement batteries for the Zoll monitor at $140 each was approved with the motion by Dee Cook, seconded by Pam Logue.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.


Administration Report:  Coppess requested 4 vacation days during August which were approved with a motion from Calvin Paup and seconded by Pam Cavey.  Ayes all.  Motion carried. 


Old Business:


New business

Resolution 2012-9 adopting plans, specifications, and form of contract for the  Cedar Street relief storm sewer project  Calvin Paup motioned, Pam Logue seconded to adopt resolution  adopting plans, specifications, and form of  contract for the 2012 Cedar Street relief storm sewer project where the plans, specifications, and form of contract were filed with the City for the construction of the 2012 Cedar Street Relief Storm Sewer Project within the City of Mechanicsville and Whereas, a notice of hearing on these plans, specifications, and form of contract was published as required by law, now therefore, be it resolved by the City of Mechanicsville that the said plans, specifications and form of contract are hereby approved for said project.  Roll call vote:  Ayes: Pam Cavey, Calvin Paup, Pam Logue, and Dee Cook.  Nays None.  Absent:  Rob Davis.  Resolution adopted.


Resolution 2012-10 approving award of contract for the 2012 relief storm sewer project upon review of bids and recommendation by project engineer:  Pam Cavey motioned, Dee Cook seconded to adopt resolution 2012-10 Whereas the City Council of the City of Mechanicsville, Iowa has received bids for the 2012 Cedar Street Relief Storm Sewer Project and Whereas, the City Council has identified an apparent bidder as having the lowest, most responsible bid; and Whereas, the City Council desires to expedite the contractual process; Now therefore, be it resolved, by the City council of the City of Mechanicsville Iowa to authorize the Mayor and City Clerk to sign all necessary notices, documents, and Forms of Contract, as required and necessary to execute a Contract with the lowest responsible bidder as identified and recommended by the Project Engineer.  Roll Call vote:  Ayes: Pam Cavey, Calvin Paup, Pam Logue, and Dee Cook.  Nays none.  Absent:  Rob Davis.  Resolution adopted.


Authorize signing of the easements for storm sewer project:  Calvin Paup motioned, Pam Cavey seconded to authorize the mayor and clerk to sign the temporary and permanent easements on behalf of the City of Mechanicsville.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.


Removal of “stuff” from right of way:  Upon review of photographs and in preparation of the storm sewer project going through the right of way of East Cedar Street the council directed the clerk to send notice to the adjacent property owners and a copy of the city ordinance to remove personal property being stored in the ROW area.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.


Authorize acceptance of agreement with Twins Community Fund for $6,000 matching grant:  Dee Cook motioned, Pam Cavey seconded to authorize the clerk to accept the agreement with the Twins Community Fund.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.  Additional discussion on publishing the notice for the storm water permit and filing the application with the DNR was authorized with a motion by Pam Logue and seconded by Pam Cavey.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.  Randy Krutzfield, engineer provided the city council with an update map and advised that the rough grading and installation of the water/sewer pipes could be started after the permit is received from the DNR.


Committee Reports: Dee Cook provided information on the availability of the engraved bricks and the plans for banners to be available through a 3 year contract at a cost of $600.  Council also discussed hanging sign on front of city hall building reflecting progress of the fund raising for the ball field project.


Correspondence:  Correspondence from the City attorney regarding property on John Street was read and reviewed with no action being taken, the State Auditors office estimates the cost to do the next audit will be between $9400-$10,400, and information on Senate File 413 was shared regarding the appointment of an alternate needing to be an elected official for the 911/EMA budget meetings.


Set next regular meeting date: Monday, August 13, 2012

Mayor Comments: None.

ADJOURN:  There being no further business to come before the Council at this time, council member Pam Logue motioned, Calvin Paup seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 8:36 p.m. Ayes all.  Meeting adjourned.




____________________________                   ___________________________

Linda K. Coppess, CMC                                    Boyd A. Stine, Mayor

City Clerk/Finance Officer