Minutes City of Mechanicsville


October 15, 2013


The Mechanicsville City Council met in regular session on Monday, October 14, 2013 at City Hall.  Mayor Boyd Stine called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.    Council members present for roll call were Rob Davis, Calvin Paup, Pam Cavey, and Pam Logue. Dee Cook absent.  Others present included Tom Albaugh, Lonni Koch, Fran and Calvin Robinson, Verlin Eaker, Chad Bonser, Chris Surls, attorney for Scott/Amy Bishop; Mondo Silva, and Doug Wolf.


Receive visitors/public comment: Christopher Surls filed a declaration of submission of property to Horizontal Property Regime pursuant to Chapter 499B of the Code of Iowa and provided explanation that the procedure is necessary in order to turn an existing building into a condo.  The building is still required to follow the existing zoning requirements.  It will allow them to sell the residence above separately from the store below.


Fran and Calvin Robinson and Verlin Eaker requested the council to change the city policy regarding the property owner being responsible for the removal of tree stumps.   


Chad Bonser requested to build a set of steps on city property in order to access the city parking area behind his house.


CONSENT AGENDA:  Calvin Paup motioned, Pam Cavey seconded to approve the consent agenda including the agenda, minutes from 10/05/13, finance reports, and claims, Roll call vote: Ayes: Paup, Logue, Cavey, and Davis.  Nays: None. Absent:  Cook.  Motion carried.


 The claims approved were as follows:

ALLIANT ENERGY                                  ELECTRIC/GAS EXPENSE                            $6,989.02

AMAZON.COM                                     LIBRARY MATERIALS                                     $43.89

APPARATUS TESTING SERVICES                OPERATIONAL EQUIP REPAIR                        $137.50

AREA AMBULANCE SERVICE                     OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                $100.00

BOUND TREE MEDICAL                           OPERATING SUPPLIES                                  $369.14

BRIDGE COMMUNITY BANK                      POSTAGE/SHIPPING                                      $93.99

CAR QUEST AUTO PARTS                        VEHICLE REPAIR                                           $2.27

CASEYS GENERAL STORE                        VEHICLE OPERATIONS                                 $623.44

CEDAR COUNTY SOLID WASTE                 PAYMENTS TO OTHER AGENCIES                  $1,305.00

CENTRAL TANK COATINGS INC                 OTHER PROF SERV EXP                              $5,800.00

CHASE CARD SERVICES                          POSTAGE/SHIPPING                                    $481.14

CHILDRENS PLUS INC                             LIBRARY MATERIALS                                   $322.17

DENISE MENDENHALL                             OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                $200.00

ENTWISLE, ANGIE                                 JANITORIAL EXPENSE                                  $300.00

HACH COMPANY                                   CHEMICALS                                                $59.25

HARDEN LAWN SERVICE                         OTHER PROF SERV EXP                              $2,400.00

HART-FREDERICK CONSULTANTS PC          OTHER PROF SERV EXP                              $4,343.93

HARTMAN, JUDY                                  TRAINING                                                  $15.00

HAWKEYE INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS           VEHICLE REPAIR                                        $199.95

IMFOA                                              TRAINING                                                  $70.00

IOWA DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RES        OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                  $66.00

IOWA LEAGUE OF CITIES                        TRAINING                                                  $35.00

IOWA ONE CALL                                   OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                  $26.10

IOWA PRISON INDUSTRIES                     MERCHANDISE FOR RESALE                          $132.00

JOHN DEER FINANCIAL                          VEHICLE REPAIR                                          $39.08

JOHNSON COUNTY REFUSE INC                OTHER PROF SERV EXP                              $3,002.50

KEYSTONE LABORATORIES, INC                OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                $396.00

KIECKS                                              ALLOWANCES - UNIFORMS                            $125.66

KOCH, DANIEL & YOLUNDA                      SAFETY SUPPLIES                                        $19.26

KOCHS SERVICE & SUPPLY LLC                  OPERATIONAL EQUIP REPAIR                          $79.30

LISBON-MT VERNON AMBULANCE              OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                $100.00

LUKE OBERBRECKLING & SONS                 OTHER PROF SERV EXP                              $1,650.00

MECHANICSVILLE TELEPHONE CO              TELECOMMUNICATIONS                             $1,044.22

MOLINE DISPATCH PUBLISHING CO            PRINTING & PUBLISHING EXP                       $1,093.25

MT VERNON LISBON SUN                         PRINTING & PUBLISHING EXP                           $47.50

POLAR ENGRAVING                               MERCHANDISE FOR RESALE                        $1,252.50

POSITIVE PROMOTIONS                         SAFETY SUPPLIES                                       $119.45

QUILL                                               OFFICE SUPPLIES                                        $33.27

ROTO-ROOTER                                    OTHER PROF SERV EXP                              $3,067.03

SANDRY FIRE SUPPLY LLC                       ALLOWANCES - UNIFORMS                            $187.00

SHEPLEY PHARMACY                              OPERATING SUPPLIES                                   $52.62

TIPTON CONSERVATIVE & ADVERTIS          PRINTING & PUBLISHING EXP                         $445.59

US CELLULAR                                      TELECOMMUNICATIONS                                 $51.70

VOGUE                                              SUBSCRIPTION & ED MATERIAL                        $10.00

WALMART                                          MINOR EQUIPMENT                                      $56.94

WELLMARK BC BS                                 GROUP INSURANCE                                    $483.96

WENDLING QUARRIES INC                      STREETS                                               $2,391.91

ZOLL MEDICAL CORPORATION                 OTHER CONTRACTUAL SERVICE                     $255.00

PAYROLL                                                          WAGES                                                                 $9,749.75


Total Receipts and Disbursements for month of September by fund







Road Use Tax



Employee Benefit



Local Option Sales Tax



Library Expendable Trust



Ball Park Fund



Ambulance Trust



Debt Service



Perpetual Care



Water Utility



Sewer Utility



Solid Waste



Storm Water Utility



Water Deposit






Fire Report:  Lonnie Koch reported 10 fire calls including smoke alarm, 2 M-A with Tipton, storm watch, lift assist, a bin fire, and vehicle fires.   Calvin Paup motioned, Pam Cavey seconded to approve Logan Yonkovic to the fire roster and repairs for 168 pump at a cost of approx. $200 for valves leaking.  Ayes all.  Motion carried. 


Ambulance Report: A total of 32 ambulance calls were reported.  Pam Cavey motioned, Pam Logue seconded to approve Jeff Silver, EMT-P, Joe Hunt EMT, and Ray Henley, Ryan Steinberg, and Linda Coppess as drivers for ambulance.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.  Pam Cavey motioned, Calvin Paup seconded to approve Lonni Koch, Doug Wolf. and Tera Baker to attend the IEMSA classes on November 8 and 9, mileage, and room for 2 nights.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.


Public Works Report: Tom Albaugh reported mowing, cemetery clean off, and fence for leaves put up.


Police Report:  None.


Administration Report:  Coppess sent correspondence to Horsefield Construction requesting a specific date for them to complete the storm sewer project; sludge testing information was sent to Randy Krutzfield, and information from Cedar County assessor’s office has identified property that was not properly annexed in 1988 and communication with the city attorney indicates that it has created an island within the city limits which technically should not have happened.  The city attorney’s recommendation for the city is that the city council should take steps to correct it by either doing a voluntary annexation or an involuntary annexation.  There is a provision in Iowa Code that allows for cities to clean up the city limit lines.


Old business discussion and possible action on:

Request to building steps on city property:  Correspondence from the city attorney indicated that it could be done, although it is not recommended.  Rob Davis motioned, Pam Logue motioned to request that a resolution be prepared to set the matter for a public hearing.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.


New business discussion and possible action on:

Horizontal Property Regime, Scott and Amy Bishop represented by Christopher Surls of Norton, Bauman & Surls, PLLC:  Information was presented and received in reference to property located at 201 and 203 E First Street.


Income Survey:  Pam Cavey motioned, Rob Davis seconded to do an initial mailing of the survey form and request that residents cross their name/address off from the list when they return the survey to city hall in order to keep the information confidential and still be able to determine who has/has not turned one in.


State Revolving Fund Planning & Design Loan Application:  Pam Logue motioned, Rob Davis seconded to approve completing the application.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.


Approve Martin Gardner Architecture Professional Services contract:  Calvin Paup motioned, Pam Cavey seconded to approve the contract for the construction of the concession stand.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.


Johnson County leaves October 26 and November 16 @ daylight, 2 machines, 10 men:  Pam Cavey motioned, Pam Logue seconded to approve having the leaves picked up at a total cost of $500/hour.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.


Policy on stump removal; removal of 4 trees:  Pam Cavey motioned, Calvin Paup seconded to remove the 4 dead trees.  The adjacent property owner is responsible for removing the stump.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.


Cats:  Rob Davis indicated he had received several complaints about cats not being on a leash.  Citizens are to file a written complaint and it will be followed up using the nuisance abatement process. 


Appoint Donald Strong to Police Chief effective 10/21/13 and Resolution setting salary for police chief:  Calvin Paup motioned, Pam Cavey seconded to approve the resolution and appointment of Chief Strong:  Roll call vote:  Ayes: Paup, Cavey, Logue, and Davis.  Nays:  None.  Absent:  Cook.  Resolution adopted.


Accept resignation of Public Works Director/set date for interviews/affidavit operator:  Resignation was accepted with regrets and a date of October 21 at 5:00 p.m. was set for the date to conduct interviews.


Street Sweeper repair/replace:  Council indicated that they did not want to put any more money into the current sweeper and that if time permitted Tom could go look at the used one and find out how many hours are on it.


Committee Reports: None.


Correspondence was received from Malaby’s indicating a fire hydrant was not operating.  Pam Cavey motioned, Pam Logue seconded to contact vendors to replace/repair the hydrant.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.    


Set next regular meeting date: Due to the Veteran’s Day holiday, council meeting will be held Tuesday, November 11, 2013 with a special meeting set to interview applicants on Monday, October 21.


Mayor Comments: None.


ADJOURN:  There being no further business to come before the Council at this time, council member Rob Davis motioned, Pam Logue seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 9:24 p.m. Ayes all.  Meeting adjourned.




____________________________                   ___________________________

Linda K. Coppess, MMC                                    Boyd A. Stine, Mayor

City Clerk/Finance Officer