Minutes City of Mechanicsville


November 13, 2012


The Mechanicsville City Council met in regular session on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at City Hall.  Mayor Boyd A. Stine called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.   Council members present for roll call were Pam Cavey, Calvin Paup, Deanna Cook, Rob Davis, and Pam Logue arrived 7:35 p.m.  Others present included Alan Zerbe, Jim Barber, Lonni Koch, Doug Wolf, Matt Shields, and Rodger Boots.


Receive visitors/public comment: None.


CONSENT AGENDA:  Dee Cook motioned, Rob Davis seconded to approve the consent agenda including the agenda, minutes from 10/08/12, finance reports, annual report, claims, TIF Annual Report, and partial pay estimate number 1 for Horsfield Contracting.  Roll call vote: Ayes: Davis, Cook, Paup, and Cavey. Nays: None. Logue absent.  Motion carried.


The claims approved were as follows:

US POST OFFICE                                  POSTAGE/SHIPPING                                    $273.96

ALLIANT ENERGY                                  ELECTRIC/GAS EXPENSE                            $4,447.31

AGVANTAGE FS INC                               VEHICLE OPERATIONS                                   $64.95

ABC FIRE PROTECTION INC                     OPERATING SUPPLIES                                   $90.90

ACTUALLY CLEAN CARPETS                     BLDG MAINT & REPAIR                                 $516.15

AGVANTAGE FS INC                               VEHICLE OPERATIONS                                 $824.73

AIRGAS NORTH CENTRAL                        OPERATING SUPPLIES                                  $175.39

AMAZON.COM                                     LIBRARY MATERIALS                                   $295.83

ANAMOSA AREA AMBULANCE                   OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                  $75.00

AREA DIESEL SERVICE INC                      VEHICLE REPAIR                                        $729.68

CASEYS GENERAL STORE                        VEHICLE OPERATIONS                                 $893.03

CEDAR COUNTY EMS ASSOCIATION           ASSOCIATION DUES                                    $200.00

CEDAR COUNTY SOLID WASTE                 PAYMENTS TO OTHER AGENCIES                  $1,716.00

CEDAR RAPIDS PHOTO COPY INC              OFFICE EQUIPMENT REPAIR                           $33.30

CJ COOPER & ASSOCIATES INC                TRAINING                                                  $30.00

COPPESS, LINDA                                  MILAGE DES MOINES/DUBUQUE                      $217.93

DAVIS FARM EQUPMENT CO                     VEHICLE REPAIR                                           $6.49

DOUBLE TREE                                      CONFERENCE                                            $217.18

ENTWISLE, ANGIE                                 JANITORIAL EXPENSE                                  $300.00

HART-FREDERICK CONSULTANTS PC          STORM DRAINAGE                                   $5,147.15

HORSFIELD CONTRACTING                      STORM DRAINAGE                                  $81,708.26

ILLOWA CULVERT & SUPPLY                     OTHER SUPPLIES                                     $2,470.00

ION EXCHANGE INC                               GROUNDS MAINTENANCE & REPAIR                 $700.00

IOWA FINANCE AUTHORITY                    INTEREST PAYMENTS                                   $945.00

IOWA LEAGUE OF CITIES                        TRAINING                                                  $30.00

IOWA RURAL WATER                             OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                $250.00

IWIRELESS                                         TELECOMMUNICATIONS                                 $57.86

JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL                         MINOR EQUIPMENT                                      $39.99

JOHNSON COUNTY AMBULANCE                OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                $200.00

JOHNSON COUNTY REFUSE INC                OTHER PROF SERV EXP                              $4,502.50

KEYSTONE LABORATORIES, INC                OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                $275.40

KLUESNER CONSTRUCTION                     STREET MAINT EXP                                   $2,666.96

KOCHS SERVICE & SUPPLY LLC                  MINOR EQUIPMENT                                     $162.15

LISBON-MT VERNON AMBULANCE              OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                $100.00

LUKE OBERBRECKLING & SONS                 1 ST CURB AND GUTTER                           $12,832.00

LYNCH FORD                                       VEHICLE REPAIR                                          $35.06

MECHANICSVILLE TELEPHONE CO              TECHNOLOGY SERVICES EXP                          $308.88

MID IOWA SOLID WASTE                        OTHER CAPITAL EQUIP                                  $70.00

MIDWEST FIRE EQUIPMENT AND REP          VEHICLES                                             $81,981.00

MORAVEK, MATT                                  TRAINING IEMSA                                        $280.00

NAPA AUTO PARTS                               VEHICLE REPAIR                                          $26.37

P & K MIDWEST                                    VEHICLE REPAIR                                        $136.02

QUILL                                               OFFICE SUPPLIES                                       $346.09

ROBINSON, ADAM                                CROP DAMAGE REIMBURSE                         $1,602.47

SEEHUSEN INSURANCE AGENCY                INSURANCE EXPENSE                                  $100.00

SHEPLEY PHARMACY                              OPERATING SUPPLIES                                  $214.29

TIPTON CONSERVATIVE & ADVERTIS          PRINTING & PUBLISHING EXP                         $245.17

US CELLULAR                                      TELECOMMUNICATIONS                                 $61.29

WALMART                                          OPERATING SUPPLIES                                   $82.54

WELLMARK BC BS                                 GROUP INSURANCE                                  $3,825.54

AIRGAS NORTH CENTRAL                        OTHER CONTRACTUAL SERVICE                       $34.35

AREA AMBULANCE SERVICE                     OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                  $75.80

BUDS AUTO & TRUCK REPAIR                   VEHICLE REPAIR                                          $32.50

FOREMOST PROMOTIONS                       OPERATING SUPPLIES                                  $263.09

JOHNSON COUNTY AMBULANCE                OTHER PROF SERV EXP                                $200.00

LYNCH FORD                                       VEHICLE REPAIR                                          $37.51

KOCH, LONNI                                      TRAINING IEMSA & MILEAGE                          $460.50

COOK, DOUG                                      MILAGE                                                   $328.50

BRIDGE COMMUNITY BANK                      PRINCIPAL AND INTEREST                        $19,575.05

PAYROLL                                                          WAGES                                                               $12,922.28


Total Receipts and Disbursements for month of October by fund







Road Use Tax



Employee Benefit



Local Option Sales Tax



Library Expendable Trust



Ball Park Fund



Ambulance Trust



Fire Trust



Debt Service



Capital Project



Water Utility



Sewer Utility



Solid Waste



Storm Water Utility



Water Deposits





Fire Report:  Lonni Koch reported 7 fire calls including a medical assist 10/20; Lisbon mutual aid canceled in route 10/21; grass fire 10/27; house fire 11/1 and called back out again on 11/1; and a field fire 11/4.  Announced the annual recognition banquet will be Dec 4. 


Council was informed of 160 (oldest tanker) leaking brake fluid and power steering fluid.  Bud’s Auto serviced for $32.  New truck is expected November 30.  An additional 110 outlet is needed in the ceiling of the fire station to keep the air bags filled and electronic equipment charged.


Doug Cook requested mileage of 730 miles to Laverne Minnesota for Matt S, Matt M, and Doug to view the new fire truck. As a result 2 change orders were presented with the first including changing the emergency lighting to red/blue; install Q2B in the center of the bumper, cross-lay valves to be located in the cross-lay area; mount air horns further back on the chassis fenders, and install chassis overlays at an additional cost of $784.00.  The second change order was for a 6 foot pike pole with mounts $224; 10 foot pike pole for $237; 2 fire beaters at $82 each; a 30 inch forcible entry fubar $190; 5 foot fire hook $114; 6 foot fire hook $125; 4 foot fire hook $86; 6 pound pick head axe with mounting brackets $168; 6 pound flat head axe with mounting brackets $170, and install window mesh in the headache rack behind the cab $1,054.  The total was $3,316 less the $1000 credit from Midwest Fire and Rodger Boots made a donation of $2,000 towards the purchase of these items.  Rob Davis motioned, Pam Cavey seconded to approve the fire report, to accept the donation and the change orders as presented.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.


Calvin Paup motioned, Pam Cavey seconded to accept the officers for the next year as Chief Lonni Koch; 1st Assistant Matt Shields; 2nd Assistant Jake Koch; 3rd Assistant Doug Wolf; Fire Training Matt Moravek; President Nate Baker; VP Dan Koch; Treasurer Ron Baker; and Secretary Amy Heinen.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.  The fire volunteers were thanked for presenting a check for $15,000 to the city from previous fund raising activities to be used towards the payment on the truck.


Ambulance Report: Lonni Koch reported 29 ambulance calls, Kerri Moore resigned from ambulance, and requested council to review the Zoll monitor maintenance contract which is $1400 per year and includes battery replacement ($300 each).  The machine cost over $20,000 to replace.  Pam Cavey motioned, Calvin Paup seconded to approve purchasing the maintenance contract for the Zoll monitor.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.  A request for IEMSA training for Mike, Lonni, and Matt for $890 plus mileage and rooms at $89.95/night were approved with a motion by Calvin Paup and seconded by Pam Cavey.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.


Public Works Report: Zerbe reported that the Lion’s pavilion was winterized, the curb and gutter project on First Street completed, picking up leaves, the storm sewer project is underway, and the street sweeper has been down for repairs for 3 weeks.  Zerbe requested to purchase tire chain cross link 100 ft for $270.  Pam Logue motioned, Dee Cook seconded to approve.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.  A proposal from Dave Schmidt Construction to do a 4 inch sewer pipe patch $1,750 was approved with a motion by Rob Davis, second by Pam Logue.  Ayes all.  Motion carried. 


Police Report:  Police Chief Barber reported the calls for the month which included 18 agency assists, 2 animal cases, 3 arrests, 1 building check; 12 citizen assist, 2 fire dept assist; 2 harassments; 3 – 911, 4 traffic stops, 2 citations and 2 warnings; 5 warnings for code violations illegal parking, golf cart violation, 2 citations issued for no valid driver license and speeding.   Some discussion about replacing in car camera.


Administration Report:  Coppess reported on a claim received for unemployment insurance, requested to use 3 vacation days; and reported that the Girl Scouts requested to attach snowman decorations to the street light poles up town,  Pam Logue motioned, Dee Cook seconded to approve.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.


Old Business:

Ordinance 254 to modify Reconnect Fee 92.05 Water Service Discontinued:  An ordinance amending the Code of Ordinances of the City of Mechanicsville, Iowa, 2006, by amending provisions pertaining to Service Discontinued. Be It Enacted by the City Council of the City of Mechanicsville, Iowa:


Section 1.  Section Modified. Section 92.05 of the code of Ordinances of the City of Mechanicsville, Iowa, 2006, is repealed and the following adopted in lieu thereof: 

92.05    SERVICE DISCONTINUED.  Water service to delinquent customers shall be discontinued in accordance with the following:

(Code of Iowa, Sec. 384.84)

1.         Notice.  The Clerk shall notify each delinquent customer that service will be discontinued if payment of the combined service account, including late payment charges, is not received by the date specified in the notice of delinquency.  Such notice shall be sent by ordinary mail to the customer in whose name the delinquent charges were incurred and shall inform the customer of the nature of the delinquency and afford the customer the opportunity for a hearing prior to the discontinuance.

(Ord. 222 – Oct. 08 Supp.)

2.         Notice to Landlords.  If the customer is a tenant, and if the owner or landlord of the property or premises has made a written request for notice, the notice of delinquency shall also be given to the owner or landlord.                                                                      (Ord. 232 – Oct. 09 Supp.)

3.         Hearing.  If a hearing is requested by noon of the day preceding the shut off, the Clerk shall conduct an informal hearing and shall make a determination as to whether the disconnection is justified.  The customer has the right to appeal the Clerk’s decision to the Council, and if the Council finds that disconnection is justified, then such disconnection shall be made, unless payment has been received.

4.         Fees.  A fee of forty dollars ($40.00) shall be charged before service is restored to a delinquent customer.  No fee shall be charged for the usual or customary trips in the regular changes in occupancies of property.


Pam Logue motioned, Dee Cook seconded to approve the first reading of the ordinance.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.  Rob Davis motioned, Dee Cook seconded to dispense with the second and third readings.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.  Calvin Paup motioned, Rob Davis seconded to adopt the ordinance that changes the fee for reconnecting water service from $10 to $40.  Roll call vote: Ayes:  Davis, Cavey, Paup, Logue, and Cook.  Nays:  None.  Ordinance adopted.


Comprehensive Plan/Goal Setting results:  Council members individually prepared a list of their top ten 2 – 10 years goals for the community, the items were then compiled into a group list and given back to the members to rank them by giving 10 points to the one they felt most strongly about, 9 to the next and so on.  The points were compiled and the top items included more community activities, an active business association, more walking trails/paths, more skate board options, complete the ball field project, Mechanicsville welcome sign, replace 4 inch water lines with 6 inch lines; protect water supply, attract business and occupy main street.  This exercise was done primarily to help provide guidance in prioritizing for the budget in the upcoming months.


New business

Letter of Resignation/Retirement effective between April and July 1, 2013:  Zerbe submitted a letter or resignation and notice of intent to retire on a mutually agreed upon date between April 1 and Jul 1, 2013.  Rob Davis motioned to accept the resignation with regrets, and Calvin Paup seconded.  Ayes all.  Motion carried.  Dee Cook and Calvin Paup will review the current job description for any proposed changes.  Once the job description is approved by the council the position will be posted to begin accepting applications.


Committee Reports:  Dee Cook reported on a recent ball field committee meeting and announced that Rodger Boots made a $25,000 donation to the ball field project with a pledge to match it after the first of the year.  Council personally thanked Rodger for his generosity to the community and indicated that it was a very honorable donation to receive in memory of his parents and brother.


Correspondence:  EMA Correspondence included a copy of the EMA budget and reminded council members that if the Mayor was not able to be present at the budget meeting then one of the elected officials would need to be present to represent the city.


Set next regular meeting date: Monday, December 10, 2012


Mayor Comments: None.


ADJOURN:  There being no further business to come before the Council at this time, council member Rob Davis motioned, Calvin Paup seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 8:56 p.m. Ayes all.  Meeting adjourned.




____________________________                   ___________________________

Linda K. Coppess, CMC                                    Boyd A. Stine, Mayor

City Clerk/Finance Officer